Thursday, September 27, 2012

布用印泥 Ink Pad for cloth ~ Further mark down

可水洗布用印泥,外盒9*6cm. 只要RM10/一台! 乱乱卖RM6.50一台
Ink Pad for cloth, washable. Case 9*6cm. RM10/piece ONLY!  Last offer: RM6.50/pc
(There may be some spilled mark. So, buy it only if you don't mind.)
 Ink Pad 1
Five in One
 (A) Red 红(B) Orange 橙色 (C) Maroon 深红 ;(D) Pink 玫红
(E) Yellow 黄色 ;(F) Earthy 土黄色 ;(G) Brass 铜色(H) Purple 玫紫
 (I) Dark Green 深绿 ;(J)  Brown 咖啡色 ;(K) Navy 青花瓷 ;(L) Light Blue 湖蓝
 (M) White 白色 ;(N) Silver 银色 ;(O) Gold 金色

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

草莓铃铛 Bell - strawberry

Very cute strawberry-shape bell!

Sample 作品示范:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Checks and Dots 百搭水玉/格子 (From Taiwan)

 A - Brown dots ; B - Purple base ; C - Light Purple dots
D - Light blue base ; E - Black dots ; F - Brown base
1/2Y - RM20.00
 Purple checks
1/2Y - RM20.00
 Light brown checks
1/2Y - RM19.00 ; 1Y - RM37.00
Roses,checks and lace
1/2Y - RM18.00 ; 1Y - RM35.00

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bias Strip 包边条

百搭色织棉麻包边条 - 红格子
Popular Linen Cotton Bias Strip - Red Checks
Price : RM2.70/yard码
Has been folded into 4 parts, easy to sew)

Piping Strip 嵌边条

5mm 棉麻布滚边/嵌边条
5mm Linen Cotton Piping Strips
Price : RM3.10/yard码
 A) 色织咖 Brown

 B) 黑色 Black
C) 灰蓝色 
 D) 百搭麻本色 Basic Colour
E) 色织红 Red