Thursday, February 6, 2014

Japanese cotton 优质棉布

From top: Yellow dots/black base,
Black stripe/light blue base,
White dots/dark brown base,
White dots/light brown base.
Price : RM33/yard

Various label 各式标签

Cotton linen
From left: Green/grey , Blue/black
Price : RM62/yard

Pickle 厨房的宝

Cotton linen
Colour : from top - blue(1/2y only), brown
Price : RM61/yard

Double sided print 双面棉布

Thick cotton 厚棉
Price : RM55/yard

Horse 马儿

Material : Cotton
Price : RM50/yard, RM55/yard
Both Sold

Japanese Label 和式标签

Price : RM62.00/yard

Ballerina 优雅的芭蕾舞者

Colour : Red, Grey and Black ,灰和黑
Material : Cotton linen 棉麻
Price : RM55.00/yard

Flower 花藤

Material : Cotton linen
Price : RM55.00/yard

Hello Kitty and Snoppy

Top : Hello Kitty - Alice in Wonderland (Sold)
Below : Snoppy(1/2y only)
Material : Thick cotton 厚棉
Price : RM76.00/yard

Hello Kitty - Tea Time

Material : Cotton linen
Price : RM89.00/yard

Wednesday, February 5, 2014