Tuesday, June 19, 2012

棉织带 Cotton Webbing

从上至下 From top :  纯棉平纹织带 width 1cm   Price: RM1.50 /3m   (Note 1) Sold
                                          米白色人字带 width 2cm   Price: RM1.00 /m   (Note 2)
                                          米白色平纹织带 width 2.5cm   Price: RM2.50 /m   (Note 3)

Note 1: 可做束口绳来用,也可在上面做橡皮章印字做装饰标签使用.
              Can be used as draw-string or you can stamp pattern on it to make label.
Note 2: 可用来包边或做装饰使用.
              Can be used as bias tape or decoration.
Note 3: 可做包带.
              Normally used as handle.

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